The Wind Power Generation Project – Our plan is to connect the power we generate into the electrical grid, set up an electric car charging station and encourage the use of electric cars. The SISLC’s renewable energy will reduce our dependence on other resources.

Honey BeesSustainability Assistance Programs – We will institute a program for anyone who needs help to maintain and preserve any sustainable agricultural, trade, craft or aquatic operation, particularly for the elderly, placing our resources where they will do the most good while maintaining the local color in the area.

Trails, Flora and Fauna – We have partnered with Heather Parsons, a long time resident of Skopelos, author of Skopelos Trails – A Nature & Walking Guide to Skopelos and a woman with much passion who has worked tirelessly for over twenty years towards preserving and educating locals and visitors about the rare and rich environment of Skopelos Island.

Preserving the Kalderimia project…

Fishing and Navigation Practices – We will work with local seaman to teach and pass on basic navigation and local fishing skills.