Local Products

The blessed earth of the Sporades Islands produces rich crops for delicious and nutritional foods and raw materials for quality hand-crafted products produced by locals with passion for their crafts. A small portion of the proceeds from your purchase via this organization will help advance the work of the Sporades Islands Center for Sustainable Life.


This is a quality, unique, natural soap from Skopelos Island produced by a local family business for three generations. Each handcrafted bar of soap is 100 percent olive oil natural herbs and fragrances collected from the countryside and produced by traditional methods. Four varieties of soap: White, Balsam, Lavendar and Mint.


These quality, delicious plum products are produced by local family businesses in the traditional, manual method. Each individual plum is sun-dried, oven-dried, handled a number of times and literally massaged to make it soft and shiny. The products currently available are: Prunes, Sour Prunes (for cooking).