About Us

Who We Are

Boat in Glossa
The Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation (SIPF) is a non-profit organization which operates locally and internationally from its base in Glossa Skopelos, Greece. Directed by the visionary and founder, Tom Amygdalitsis, our specialists of trades, crafts and academia are working passionately for the protection of the environment and for sustainable development of local tradition and progressive practices.


Through education and cooperative learning, the Sporades Center – Sustainable Development Tradition fosters the rediscovery of sustainable practices, traditional and progressive. The Center promotes the vitality of the Sporades islands’ fragile environment, agriculture, nautical pursuits, and traditional interdependent occupations and skills.

Goals and Vision

Our vision is to promote and incorporate our rich cultural traditions into present progressive practices the development of which constitute a proposal for a sustainable life. Our proposal has to do with the reconnection of economic activity with nature, protection of the fragile environment, and the rediscovery of traditional occupations which today continue to be evolving and productive. We believe that our proposal can be used to uplift our community’s quality of life.